Winter Butterflies, 30 minutes, social film on children


Short film “Winter Butterflies”, made by Mukhamed Mamyrbekov (one of the script writers of “Zhauzhurek Mynbala” and “Zolotoy Voin”) and Aziz Zairov (Coordinator of the Fine Arts Studio at Association of Parents of Disabled Children), received the Grand-Prix for the best debut by film directors during the charity event – Cinema Against Pain, in 2011. 
Film star Alain Delon personally congratulated Aziz and presented the official nomination to the film directors.  


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Almaty, 20th October. For the filming of “To be or not to be” a lot of expensive suits are not required. For Kazakh director Azizzhan Zairov, the most important is the emotion and spontaneity of the actors. Indeed, in a documentary-fiction drama based on William Shakespeare starring teenagers with cerebral palsy. And the role of Hamlet was written specifically for Takhir Umarov. The young man‘s lifelong dream to act in films. About the film director, who helped to implement his plan, correspondent of “WORLD 24Maya Tenizbaeva conducted an interview.

Shakespearean drama in the new reading. At this time, the life of Hamlet is lived by 20-year-old Takhir Umarov. Since childhood, he is confined to a wheelchair. With his cerebral palsy diagnosis, young man had no chance to act in films. If not for his meeting with the director Azizzhan Zairov.

“We had a dream to give the world a new Hamlet, unusual, such as Takhir. And I think that as an actor Takhir brilliantly managed. Of course, the difficulties were, because the guys were afraid of the camera, and then also having health problems, “- says the film director.

Aziz himself, in childhood, had health problems. He learned how to walk for several years. Therefore, the director knows first-hand how difficult it is for the protagonist to make every gesture and replica. Despite the stammering, Takhir himself voiced the monologue.

Takhir Umarov plays three roles: himself, the actor trying on the role of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark himself. Here, everything is intertwined: reality and dreams. Takhir can only  reveal his soul in the dreams he is having. He appears strong and handsome to the audience.

“It was interesting. The first time I cast in a movie. My life has changed in a way that I stopped being afraid of the public “, – says Takhir.

The same emotions experienced all the actors on the set. Indeed, all of the actors in the film are played by children with disabilities. The film was shot on the outskirts of Almaty, in winter. Despite the cold and the limited capacity actors and actresses managed.

“I was a little scared. The second day, when they began to shoot the film, I liked it so much, and it’s quite a different feeling: somewhere far from home, I had a sweet feeling of fear, “- says who Malik Baiseitova, who plays Ophelia.

In this film, everything is just like in real life: love story, moral dilemma, and even a failed suicide attempt. Most importantly is that Takhir’s dream came true. The film director does not know when the film will be released in the cinema theaters, but he plans to show this film at international film festivals.

Astana TV – Film Premiere with the Shakespearean Question was shown in Astana

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To be or not to be? In the capital – Astana, Kazakhstan the film was shown, the title is of Shakespeare’s eternal question. It is no coincidence. For the first time in Kazakhstan, the film starring a person who is first group disabled and diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Takhir Umarov moves in a wheelchair, has difficulty pronouncing words. But that did not stop the talented guy to dream of becoming an actor. This dream was supported by the Association of Parents of Children with Disabilities and production studio “New World” Ltd. Social drama tells the story of special people, their experiences, challenges and dreams. Zhanar Barlybaeva attended the premiere.

“To be or not to be?”, this question repeatedly confronts the male lead. After all, every moment of life, every movement and every word, even for special people – a titanic work and daily overcoming of oneself. But they find the strength to answer all circumstances.

Takhir Umarov – first group disabled moves in a wheelchair. Despite the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, the guy wants to become an actor. Engaged in a drama school of the rehabilitation center, his story became the basis for the script. And the main role was approved to be his, without a doubt.

Aziz Zairov, film director and scriptwriter:

“When he began to read Hamlet’s soliloquy, I have seen that he will play a major role. We believe that in the first place should be the spiritual values, then the material. These people, in fact, they are the messengers of heaven. This is my personal opinion. They came here into this world to make us better, cleaner.”

Takhir Umarov, the leading man:

“Someone became a lawyer, someone became an actor. It does not matter in a wheelchair or not.”

The film portrays  other disciples of the “APDC” rehabilitation center. Shooting, instead of the planned 5 days, stretched out for almost a month. But guys are used to overcoming difficulties.

Kanagat Taskaraev, actor:

“I really liked the movie-creation process. Filmed in winter, it was very cold, but despite this, it was very interesting. I want to continue and achieve great success.”

Premiere of social drama “To be or not to be” first took place in Almaty. Now it presented to the metropolitan audience. The authors hope that they can find the money to release the film in other cities of Kazakhstan and potentially other countries.. Overall, this unique film with unique actors make the world a better and cleaner place for all of us.

(c) Zhanar Barlybayeva, date: 28 November, 2014 – Film on life of disabled people was shown in Astana

The film on life of disabled people was presented in Astana.

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Officials from the Ministry of Education and Culture did not attend the premiere.


Social drama “To be or not to be”, which was played by young people with disabilities, presented  in Astana. Since the beginning of this week in the capital, there was an active advertising of the film. Separate invitations were sent to members of the government, but officials have ignored them.

– “We have sent invitations to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Ministry of Education, but as you can see, the representatives were not present. I hope that public opinion will prompt our officials to support such a movie that educates the young generation. When the government officials will watch this movie, they will be able to take another look at their lives” – Asiya Akhtanova, Head of the Association of Parents of Disabled Children, noted.

In the film “To be or not to be” the main character played by Takhir Umarov. He has cerebral palsy and his life is filled with loneliness. Recently, his mother died. This added to his suffering and difficulties associated with himself. He moves on his knees. Images from the everyday life of the hero alternate with Hamlet’s soliloquy.

– It all started with the fact that Takhir learned Hamlet’s soliloquy by heart and read it to me, – says the director Aziz Zairov. – I was amazed at how Takhir did it, because he has first level disability. He speaks with difficulty. And we, co-directors -Mukhammed Mamyrbekov and myself decided to release the film on the big screen. For several months we worked on it.

The film was created with the budget 1 million tenge (8000 $) collected thanks to the sponsors. We received crowdfunding support through Facebook to attend the premiere in Astana. We were supported by social network users, critics, students of art schools, representatives of non-governmental organizations.

– I think that this picture is the future, because in addition to valuable storyline, there is a very high-quality director and camera work – says the artist Alibek Kailakayev. – The film turns our understanding upside down, of the lives of people with disabilities. It should look at each and everyone. Unfortunately, the premiere was not full with people. This to some extent reflects the attitude of society to the problem. But today, the filmmakers made the first step, and it was successful. I think that there are more steps to come.

(c) Anar Bekbasova, 28 November 2014

News of Astana “Info-Tses” – social art-house was shown in the capital, Astana

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Yesterday in Astana a premiere of the social drama “To be or not to be?” was held.
Perhaps this is a new step in the cinema of Kazakhstan. The film is directed by Aziz Zairov and Mukhamed Mamyrbekov and who are also the co-authors of the script.

Name of the painting was chosen because Shakespeare is relevant and hundreds of years later. The protagonist, Takhir Umarov plays a part as himself. The story is a lot an autobiography – the guy suffers from cerebral palsy, and he often stays at home alone … How does he live? What does he do? What worries him? All this is shown in the film of 60 minutes.

While viewing it, it is impossible to relax, action-painting keeps the audience in suspense. At the premiere, many viewers were crying. By the way, the hall was almost full: the creators of the film project were supported by people suffering from such illnesses as well as empathetic people who care for the problems of the disabled.

“Through this film we want to uncover the problems of all people with disabilities,” – said one of the film’s director, Aziz Zairov.

Later Aziz plans to shoot another film of the same theme – “Girl and the Sea”. “We are preparing documents and the producers are trying to send a request. Trying to get at the Berlinale, the Cannes Film Festival. Also Anna Katchko, one of the producers of the film by Emir Baigazin “Harmony Lessons”,  liked our film, “- said Aziz.

People with disabilities, you say? After watching the film, we can surely say that the ability of any person is limitless. The filmmakers did not expect such support, because it all started with a post in Facebook. The director as well as actors hope to advance the project to the world level, that is, participation in various film festivals.

(c) Yevgeniya Dudkina


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In Astana, the premiere of the film “To be or not to be”, a story about people with disabilities, was attended by the correspondent of

I worked in the Association of Parents of children with disabilities, we take care of children who have cerebral palsy. A few years ago a guy, Takhir Umarov, approached me and said that dreams of becoming an actor. We began to think how to help the guy. This social project was important for us to make a film that could help people who have health problems, so that vulnerable people are able to adapt to life better. This is a film about a man who cannot walk or talk. He has his dreams, this film is about his dream and his love, and that there are no barriers, when a person has those two things. Through this film we want to uncover the problems of all people with disabilities, “- said the film director Aziz Zairov.

A. Zairov said the film “To be or not to be” reveals the problems of people with disabilities from the perspective of a young boy. The plans for the director to make a film about the problems of women with cerebral palsy.

“We are preparing the film” The Girl and the Sea “, there will be the main character – a young girl in a wheelchair. That is the problem of people with disabilities from woman’s perspective,”- said A. Zairov.

In addition, the director said that he is planning to present this film at the international festivals worldwide.

“We are preparing documents and the producers are trying to send a request. Trying to get to the Berlinale”, to “Festival de Cannes”. We also gave the film to Anna Katchko, she produced the film directed by Emir Baigazin Harmony Lessons”. She liked our film – he concluded.

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Headline news on “To be or not to be?”


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For the first time in the modern Kazakh cinema, people with cerebral palsy perform leading roles.

His name is Takhir Umarov. This is a young, very courageous and undoubtedly talented young actor. Takhir is first group disabled and wheelchair-bound, however he has already starred in the title role in the film “To be or not to be?
Among people with disabilities, a lot of talent, so almost all the roles in the film are played by young people with disabilities. Every moment of their lives is given to them with an incredible difficulty and hence the question: “To be or not to be?And they meet the difficulties of every step in their lives with the motto:  TO BE!”

Takhir Umarov, a disciple of the Rehabilitation Centre ARDI, in real life, dreams of becoming an actor. His diagnosis cerebral palsy. In addition, he is in a wheelchair, it is difficult to speak, and the chance to realize his dream is virtually impossible. “We created this project to give youth the opportunity to discover their acting and human potential, to touch upon their dreams” – says the filmmaker.

Unique and touching film is that it gives hope, gives opportunity to believe in oneself, praise to lead actor’s strengths and abilities.

You can watch this film, the creation of studio “New World” Ltd. and the NGO “Association of Parents of Disabled ChildrenARDI in Astana on November 27, 2014, at the Arman cinemal hall       (Asia Park” Shopping Mall).


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The talented young actor Takhir Umarov 1st Group Disabled, wheelchair bound.

Premiere of the film “To be or not to be?“, starring the man with cerebral palsy, was held in Astana, reports with reference to the NGO “Kazakhstan Confederation of Disabled People”.

For the first time in the modern Kazakh movie starred a person suffering from cerebral palsy.

The film is a monologue of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark To be or not to be.”

Among people with disabilities, a lot of talent, so almost all the roles in the film are played by young people with disabilities. Every day gives them incredible difficulty, and each one of them more than once asks himself a question:” To be or not to be? “And the answer is: TO BE! film director Aziz Zairov and Mukhamed Mamyrbekov describe the plot of the film.

The film is produced jointly by with the studio “New World” Ltd. and the NGO “Association of Parents of Disabled ChildrenARDI – . B2B_RUS.wmv_002732560

Takhir Umarov, a disciple of the rehabilitation centerARDI in real life dreams of becoming an actor. Besides that he is in a wheelchair, it is difficult to speak for him, he stammers heavily and the chance to realize his dream was close to impossible.

“We created this project to give youth the opportunity to discover their acting and human potential, to bring their dreams a bit closer.” – Aziz Zairov commented.

Parliament deputies, members of the political parties, NGOs, culture and art representatives as well as ambassadors of different countries in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the general public were invited to the premiere.

Anna Katchko. Film Producer on “To be or not to be?”

Anna Katchko. Film producer. Germany. Kazakhstan. Russia.
Since 2009, Anna Kachko is active in Kazakhstan as a film producer and consultant. The founder of the International Forum Spotlight: New Kazakh Cinema at the International Festival Eurasia, Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2010.
“It is unique that a movie like that is created in Kazakhstan. Many thanks to the creators of the film – they have made a very bold and important step, making this movie. A team of enthusiasts almost with no funds set a difficult task: to make an honest movie about modern Hamlet, not only by non-professional actors, but by actors with disabilities. And in my opinion, makers coped with the task – to get important and necessary film “To be or not to be?”
Very glad that Kazakhstan can talk about such problems with the language of cinema at such ease and flair. Already by the process of working on the film, film directors: Aziz and Mukhamed, have implemented a very important social project – helping disabled people to forget about their problems and feel full members of society plunged into the world of cinema.
Awesome protagonist, a young, handsome, talented actor Takhir Umarov is impressive in this role. His fortitude is inspiring. And of course the film “To be or not to be?” – This is a real love story. After some time watching, I forgot that the protagonist of “not like everyone else” and just followed his experiences.
After all, “To be or not to be?” is a life-affirming story. Acquainted with the protagonist closer the viewer can take a new look at their own problems, and possibly outside the cinema hall, becoming a little bit better. Film-painting helps to learn to appreciate every moment of love and joy, which our destiny takes us on.
I really hope that the audience will watch this important and necessary film.”